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37 years providing bilingual back-office services to 200 foreign companies with offices in Japan, and their 6,000 employees. As a total back office, we provide the following services:


Human Resource Management includes setting up and maintaining work rules, registering joining and leaving employees, managing maternity & childcare leave, family care leave, sick leave, annual labor filings, and company health programs. Employees use our portal to manage their personal and leave information.
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Payroll Management involves our employee portal for employees to record work time and receive pay slips, monthly payroll and bonus administration, health and pension insurance administration, and annual local tax update and year-end tax adjustment.
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Accounting regulations cover requirements for cash management including treasury payments, the monthly bookkeeping and closing, budgets and forecasts, audits, annual corporate tax filings, and employee expense reimbursement and reporting. Employees submit expenses and are reimbursed via our online portal.
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General Administration

General Administration includes requirements for company establishment, who to name as representative director, shareholder meetings and reporting, and how to manage documents and company stamps.
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Customized Systems

Foreign companies in Japan require systems that are bilingual and respond to their unique needs. Our full-time IT development team creates custom solutions for our clients' needs. Read one client's testimonial on a custom order processing system (online store, inventory control, payment gateway) we built for them from the ground up.
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About HTM

Our People

Our People

We are a team of 70 professionals, representing 20 nationalities, are all bilingual; an absolute requirement to support international companies in Japan.

Our Processes and Systems

We receive and send information in English and Japanese, using online portals for clients and their employees available 24/7. Doing so provides ease of communication with both the home office and local office.

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Our Clients

Currently, we support 200 clients, and their 6,000 employees. Our Clients range in size from 1 to over 1,000 employees in Japan, most relying solely on HTM for bilingual back-office support.

Clients Testimonials

"HTM helped us get an operation off the ground which at first looked impossible. I don't think that without you we could have done that. For that I would sincerely like to offer my thanks for your support."

Audi Japan K.K.

Brendan Norman
Executive Officer

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New Regulations

Ministries and Agencies

Fifty ministries and agencies publish on average 100 regulation changes per month. Below are the main 6 ministries publishing regulations that affect our clients' business.

Tax Rebate

Employees will get a 40,000 yen tax rebate reduced from withholding tax on payroll payments in June 2024.
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Employee Contract

Employers must state in the employment contract the possible changes to work location and scope in the future in April 2024.
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Overtime Rates

All companies are now required to pay a minimum rate of 150% of employees' hourly rate, for overtime exceeding 60 hours per month.
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Worktime Records

Employers are required to record all employees' (including managers') work time, state hours worked on pay slips, and retain records for 5 years. Only representative directors are exempt.
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It is necessary to understand Japanese back-office regulations in detail in order to be compliant with their requirements. Our videos provide a clear and concise overview of Japanese business regulations and practices, while including all of the detail.

Employee Health

Regulations require companies to provide an annual Health Check with 9 mandatory tests, as part of a Health Management Program.

Work Rules

Companies with 10 or more employees must create Work Rules, which state company policies and reflect company culture.

Maternity & Childcare Leave

Employees can take up to 2 years of maternity & childcare leave, and receive government financial support. The regulations require making up to 29 filings, using 16 forms and 15 supporting documents.

Year-End Tax Adjustment

Employers must file a tax return on employees' behalf.

Japanese Business Practices

Doing business in Japan requires being knowledgeable about its business practices. There are rules determining how to bow, how to exchange business cards, and where to sit in a room.

Business Insights

Back offices contain data that can improve business. Technology gives us the data visualization tools to convert numbers to images, see their relationships, ask questions, and gain insights.

IT & Safe Room Infrastructure

Managing a back office requires security of digital and physical information, backed up by a team of IT professionals.

Our Team

Our Team consists of 70 international, bilingual people, helping international clients build their business in Japan. We divide our day into three parts; daily work, projects, and learning time. As a learning organization, everyone at HTM works at developing their personal mastery.

Covid-19 Measures

To ensure the safety of our team and continuity of service to clients, we implemented 5 rules to manage Covid-19.


Use our calculators to understand Japanese business requirements, create test scenarios, and compare results. Our calculators make transparent the regulations for the following 7 subjects.


Monthly payroll calculations in Japan include monthly salary, overtime, commuting and other allowances, health and pension insurance contributions, and taxes. Job status, age, prefecture and work industry affects health and pension insurance and dependents affect income taxes.

Corporate Tax

The Corporate Tax calculator allows getting a quick estimate of corporate tax and a detailed understanding of Japanese corporate tax regulations.

Year-End Tax Adjustment

In December, employers calculate the annual tax owed by employees considering up to 11 possible deductions and a possible tax credit. The actual tax withheld over the past 12 months is subtracted and the resulting difference is adjusted in December payroll.

Maternity & Childcare Leave

The maternity and childcare leave calculator lets you simulate the amount of benefit you can receive while on maternity and childcare leave in Japan.

Commuting Allowance

Commuting Allowance is usually paid in Japan and has tax savings to the employee. Commuting via bus and train is non-taxable up to a maximum amount of JPY150,000 per month, but commuting via car or bicycle is subject to a taxable limit, which varies with commuting distance.

Company Housing

Company Housing in Japan gives tax and health and pension insurance costs savings to both the employee and company when housing is provided to the employee. The lease agreement is made between the employer and property owner and the employer bears the cost of the rent.

Health Management Guide

The Health Management Guide allows you to see for any size and type of company all the requirements of a health management program - what needs to be done and who is involved.

Health & Pension Insurance Documents

The Health & Pension Insurance Documents calculator lists which documents need to be filed to which statutory offices depending on the type of event, and details what information is required.

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