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Accounting regulations, accounting practice, and Japanese taxes are some of the accounting issues included for outsourcing clients in the HTM Knowledge Base.

Accounting Issues in Japan

Fixed Asset Accounting. Japanese tax regulations for accounting for fixed assets and the Japanese 2007 depreciation tax reform.

Employee Expense System. HTM's web-based bilingual outsourcing employee expense system, a system for recording employee expenses and advances, including instructions and accounting reports, relevant tax regulations regarding expensing, and allowable deductions of expenses.

Manufacturing System Requirements. Requirements for setting up an accounting system for a manufacturing company, including inventory and WIP management, costing, and valuation.

Overview of Japanese Taxes. Japanese national and local taxes, including corporate and individual taxes, and accounting rules.

Accounting Requirements for Japanese Tax Return Filing. Accounting and documentation requirements for Japanese tax returns.

Accounting Standards Requirements. Generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP) requirements of Japanese subsidiaries.


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These articles on accounting issues in Japan are available to HTM's outsourcing clients.

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