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Thirty years ago I started HTM to help foreign companies manage their business in Japan. By greatly improving the reporting of accounting, HR, payroll, and employee expense and work time activity, clients have been able to better understand their Japanese business, make more informed decisions, and improve their revenue and profitability.

My top priority is seeing that we hire the right people and provide the right training and tools that enable them to do exceptional work. Only by doing those things well, are we able to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to provide exceptional service to our clients.

I am especially proud of our Business Information Portal that gives clients real-time, online access to their Japanese business, including the current and complete history of their finance, accounting, tax, HR, payroll, legal documents, employees’ expenses, and work time activity.

At HTM, we are absolutely fanatic about continuous improvement—improvements enabled by specific feedback procedures: people flag process problems they have while doing their work, emails are reviewed to assure clear and concise communications, the source of errors are doggedly pursued and changes are made to prevent their reoccurrence.

Working with our clients and our people is an enjoyable experience and I’m very appreciative of that opportunity.

Bill Attridge
President and Founder

Bill Attridge, President and Founder of HTM

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