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Accounting Reports

The Business Information Portal (BIP) provides online standard accounting reports such as balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, balance sheet schedules, and GL transactions as well as interactive graphical views of financial statements.

Standard Accounting Reports

Standard reports such as income statements can be viewed directly on the BIP. Using the time slider located in the top right you will be able to view previous months. It is also possible to print to PDF or export a crosstab into Excel.

Accounting reports in standard formats

Graphical Overview

Accounting reports in a graphical overview

Shown here is the income statement analysis, an interactive graphical view of the income statement displaying data for the previous 3 years by accounts.

Details On Demand

From the list of sections you can select the specific items that you want to see. Here we have the view filtered to sales, compensation, and office operation. Shown here is data for the last 3 years but can be set to any time frame.

Accounting details on demand

Drill Down

Accounting data drill down

Clicking on any month will display the details for that particular month. Here we can see the amounts for each account relating to office operation for the month of March 2012.

Individual Transactions in 2 clicks

Click on a specific account and the details of all transactions will be displayed.

Accounting individual transactions in 2 clicks

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